Soundtrack album for MARVEL: Earth’s Mightiest Exhibition, presented by SEMMEL Exhibitions, which opened on December 14 in Wellington, New Zealand. The album features 13 songs, composed and produced specifically for this exhibition. Production took place at LEM-Studios during the summer and fall of 2023. All songs are instrumental, save for spoken word passages and sound effects taken from the 1975 radio show “Fantastic Four”, courtesy of Peter B. Lewis.


LEM-Studios on behalf of SEMMEL Exhibitions


All music composed by Sebastian M. Purfürst
Production by Sebastian M. Purfürst
Co-Production by MFCB & Markus “Hossi” Hossak
Additional drums by MFCB
Additional guitars by Christoph Zitterbart
Additional vocals and viola by Elke Brauweiler
On-site surround mix by Markus “Hossi” Hossak

Samples taken from the “Fantastic Four” radio show are courtesy of Peter B. Lewis

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